UEAAH is dedicated to producing original research directed to understanding the complicated housing needs of teachers in the Bay Area. The research staff of UEAAH combines a sophisticated knowledge of the interrelation of real estate, market, and labor forces to inform our decisions as an organization. By producing original research suited to the needs of real teachers, UEAAH hopes to design programs that reflect the voices of educators.  

Kate Glassman's Policy Analysis Report
A Study Conducted for United Educators Association for Affordable Housing (San Francisco,California).

Geospatial Housing Analysis   
UEAAH, in collaboration with a group of undergraduate researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, has conducted a comprehensive analysis of teacher’s housing
needs. By using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), a cutting-edge technology for producing geographical analysis, UEAAH has sought to determine the best spaces in the Bay Area for teachers to reside.   

In the project, UEAAH was able to incorporate information on housing prices, transportation, crime, amenities, and many other factors into a final “suitability analysis” that
quantitatively determines the best locations to live.

To see the final research report and learn more about the methodology, research process, and findings of the study, please visit our UEAAH blog at: https://ueaah.wordpress.com/2015/09/13/ueaah-original-research-gis-analysis/