Proposal:The departments of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Department of Education, and the Department of Defense must come together to create and allocate funds for a Housing Allowance for all Public School teachers.

Preamble:Each and every day in the United States, thousands of public school teachers are becoming displaced due to increasing rents and stagnant pay. Because teachers are still paid less than other professions and they require comparable education, training and skills, it has become a field of charity. Teachers are being forced to live outside their communities in which they serve in order to survive. Furthermore, the demand for public school teachers is rising due to the lack of interest and economic sense. According to the California Teachers Association, “With about a third of the teaching force nearing retirement, the Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning estimates that California alone will need an additional 100,000 teachers over the next decade”.  This is alarming because there is a decline in enrollment at Colleges, Universities and Trade school for teaching credential programs. There has been mentioned that 20 percent of all new hires leave the classroom within three years. In urban districts, the numbers are even worse—with close to 50 percent of newcomers fleeing the profession during their first five years of teaching. Clearly Americans must recognize that this is a problem and that we all have a fiduciary duty to ensure that our teachers are living comfortably as they educate and prepare America’s children for the world ahead of them.

Because we value our soldier of education, we must provide them with a Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) as we do the military. The BAH would be determined by zip code. Because unions will always be the go to for salary negotiations, our sole purpose is on housing and NOT their salaries. We are simply advocating for a supplemental payment to be issued to all public school teachers from the US Government dedicated strictly to their housing. UEAAH is seeking policy transfer and diffusion of the US military code on BAH. Nothing has to be re-invented, because we have a model to look at for guidance-the military.

If the U.S does not incentivize public school teachers and compete with other profession, it is evident that the public school shortage of teachers is going to become worse and the children or America will suffer.

Petition: BASED ON THE FOREGOING ISSUES AND CONCERNS ……… We, the Undersigned, as demonstrated by our individual signatures to this Petition, hereby affirm our SOLIDARITY with the United Educators Association for Affordable Housing (UEAAH) in supporting Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for all public school teachers, to help end the displacement and the shortage of public school teachers.  

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