Kate Glassman began her career working as a third grade teacher in a Title I-funded school in Charlotte, North Carolina, which fueled her passion for educational equity. Seeking to learn as much as possible about successful models of public education, Kate spent 15 months working for the Ministry of Education of Singapore as a high school argumentative writing teacher and Princeton in Asia Fellow. While teaching in Singapore, Kate witnessed her students thrive academically as a result of the government’s significant investment in smart policies that both targeted student achievement and increased the professional capacity of teachers.  Kate’s experiences in the classroom have inspired her to dedicate her career to researching, promoting, and designing evidence-based social policies to support public school communities. Kate currently conducts policy research for the United Educators Association for Affordable Housing (UEAAH). She also teaches undergraduate students as Head Graduate Student Instructor of Wealth and Poverty, an upper division public policy course taught by Robert Reich. Kate will earn her Master of Public Policy degree from UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy in May 2016.

Nathan Matsushima
Information Technology (IT) Director

Azalea Renfield

 Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Azalea Renfield is the President, CEO, and founder of United Educators Association for Affordable Housing, INC (UEAAH). Azalea is responsible for the strategic direction of UEAAH and oversees all areas of the company including policy, grant development, programs and services, asset management and partnerships. Azalea has earned her MPA from the University of San Francisco and a Master's in Human Resource Management from Golden Gate University. She also has received her bachelor’s in American Politics and Communication from the University of California, San Diego.  Azalea had the honor of being selected as a recipient of the University of California, Washington Center (UCDC) Academic Program in our Nation’s Capital-Washington, D.C. 

colleen buganski
President of the Board

Kate glassman
Senior Public Policy Consultant

Education is the single most important catalyst in Colleen's life, so joining UEAAH as President of the Board gives her the opportunity to pay it forward. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Social Science from Metropolitan State University in the Twin Cities, where she volunteered as the Director of Community Relations for a charitable beer company. Having moved to San Francisco 3 years ago when she accepted a job with the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, Colleen is currently pursuing her Master of Public Affairs and Practical Politics degree from the University of San Francisco, while working as a full time administrative professional. A certified volunteer mediator with Community Boards of San Francisco, she believes effective and honest communication gives advocacy its power. Colleen believes the mission of UEAAH is reasonable, attainable and imperative to the future of the public educational system.

Having graduated from the University of California, Davis with a B.S. in Community & Regional Development, Nathan firmly believes in the power of individual actions to empower communities. Education is the foundation block to the success of individuals, but without teachers the system of education would fail. Access to quality education should be a right to every child, and Nathan wants to enable teachers to comfortably afford housing. No housing for teachers, means no teachers, and no teachers mean a crumbled educational system in the Bay Area, which in turns means a future generation without a foundation for success.